Ethics Reform

I believe that corruption in the city government begins and ends with the mayor, and as long as anyone is allowed to serve as mayor for life, there's going to be corruption. There should be term limits; no chief executive officer for the city of Chicago should serve more than two consecutive terms. Eight years and you're out.

The City Council office of Legislative Inspector General should have subpoena power. This authority should include the ability to subpoena the mayor, clerk, treasurer, aldermen, Shakman Decree exempt employees and city contractors to find out what they knew and when they knew it, in order to ferret out corruption.

Bids should be received and bid results should be displayed online. With the exception of Sole Source Contracts, No-bid contracts should be limited to $25,000.

Additionally, I think that we need a whistleblower program that rewards those who expose corruption. We also need a financial risk bond for certain employees in certain categories. Included among them would be police officers with multiple complaints of alleged abuse.

Previously, the city had to set aside $12 million to pay for people who were harmed because of hiring schemes. If Human resource personnel were required to carry financial risk bonds, the issuer of the bonds would assume the responsibility; the taxpayers wouldn't.

Integrity is an absolute commitment to truth, veracity and fair play.

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