Red Light Cameras

I do not support the use of mechanical devices for the enforcement of minor traffic violations or infractions. Instead, I favor highly visible countdown devices, as well as those which broadcast or reflect a drivers speed or otherwise warn of a possible violation. The city’s objective should be to ensure compliance and adherence to the law. Thus, minimal warnings should be sufficient to accomplish that objective. If further enforcement is deemed necessary, it should be done by law enforcement officers.
Yellow has become the new red. Chicago drivers are now conditioned to respond to the traffic signals, known camera-enforced intersections with reckless abandon. upon approach, as soon as drivers see the Yellow Light, they slam on their brakes, to avoid the possibility of getting ticketed. This behavior has resulted in a substantial increase in rear-end collisions.
As City Clerk, I will fight to eliminate the, so-called, red light cameras.
Additionally, I will encourage the mayor to return the ill-gotten $7.7 million due to drivers unfairly ensnared by Rahm Emanuel’s policy of shortened yellow lights at camera-enforced intersections.
Furthermore, I will work with the Mayor and City Council to eliminate ticketing for Speed Zone violations, based solely upon the camera footage.

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